Thursday, December 29, 2011

Naked 2 Dual Ended Brush vs UD Regular Brushes

Urban Decay Brush Review
Palette brush on the left, regular brush on right.
Oops, excuse the dirtiness of the brush :x

Today, I will be reviewing the brush that came with Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I ordered this palette the day it released on and it sold out within 2 to 3 hours! It is now in stock at & since it is $50, you qualify for free shipping. When I first learned that Urban Decay was including a dual-ended brush in their palette, I was so excited because I love Urban Decay's Shadow and Crease brush and to have both in one sounded amazing! Since receiving the palette, I have not used the brushes yet & I decided to compare them both today. What I noticed with the brush included in the Naked 2 palette was not up to their usual Urban Decay brush quality. As you can see from the pictures, the shadow brush was a bit smaller, and the crease brush was a bit bigger than their regular ones that they sell individually. I usually don't look forward to brushes that comes in palettes, but heck, it was supposed to be a Good Karma brush and I paid $50 for the palette & I'm pretty sure the brush was a factor in the pricing considering they raised the price of the Naked Original due to adding the brush instead of the dual-liner. When I tested out the brush in the Naked 2, the crease side of the brush was really scratchy, which was a total disappointment and the shadow side of the brush didn't pick up the product as well as the regular ones did. Overall, I wish they did better on the brush because it just doesn't live up to the brush quality they normally have, but I guess I shouldn't have that high of a hope for it because it was a brush included in a palette. On top of that, my palette came with scratches on the back of it & they were pretty sharp. I called Urban Decay about it and they responded telling me there's nothing they could do about it since it was sold out unless I just want to give it up and return it back to them with the risk of them selling out again next time before I can re-buy. I thought it was such a hassle so I decided to just file it down with a nail file, but that shouldn't even be something that I had to deal with, again, considering the price of the palette. What do you guys think of the brush, and the palette overall? Own it? Love it?

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  1. I've been wondering whether the individual brushes were the same as the dual-ended one. Thanks for clearing that up! You're the only blog I've found that explained that.