Thursday, December 8, 2011

Essie; Going Incognito

Swatches and Review

With Flash

So I was deciding on what nail polish I should wear today (since it's Thursday & I come home on Thursdays to my nail polish stash) & I decided to wear this! I originally wanted to wear Warm and Fozzie, but I really wanted to wear it closer to Christmas, so Going Incognito it is!

Going Incognito was actually a Winter collection from Essie last year, and it is a gorgeous forest green color with a creme finish. It is not too dark, but it is dark enough to be considered vampy. I love that it matches my forest green hoodie from American Apparel! Haha. Anyway, the application on this was great. This could have passed with two coats, but I still put on three coats because I am used to applying three coats of nail polish. Usually, I wish that Essie brushes were wider, but lately, I have been growing onto the smaller brush because it flexes out wide, which covers my nails well & covers the hard to get spots easily, which I find that I have a hard time with, with OPI brushes sometimes. The polish itself was not thin, nor thick, it was just the perfect consistency which is a total plus for me. This kind of gets me more into the holiday spirit! :) What do you guys think? Own it? love it? :)

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