Wednesday, December 7, 2011

China Glaze Magnetix

Preview Picture

I have posted this on MUT, & so I'm also going to post this here. With all the magnetic polishes coming out, China Glaze is finally going to come out with one too! I was waiting for either China Glaze or OPI to come out with their own versions since Nails Inc. & Layla's magnetic polish didn't seem to interest me much. To my surprise, this collection of China Glaze's is going to come with their magnets separately, which means it will not be on the cap of the bottle. Also, the magnets are supposed to form a different shape depending on which set of magnets you use! Doesn't it sound amazing?! It is said that this will be released in the Netherlands in March of 2012, so I have no information of when it is going to be released in other parts of the world.

So far, I have heard that the colors names will be You Move On, Cling On, Pull Me Close, Instant Chemistry, Drawn To You, Attraction. It makes me think all lovey dovey, but then again, they are magnets, right? They're supposed to attract & draw into you with the instant chemistry that you would just want to cling onto.

Seems like China Glaze is releasing a lot next year, since I have heard about the upcoming ones such as Prismatic, The Hunger Games, ElectroPop Brights & Lights, & another set of new glitter crackles. What do you think of this Magnetix collection? & are there any others you're looking forward to from China Glaze? :)

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