Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette


For a few weeks now, I have seen some pictures about the Vice 2 palette and I have been super excited about it because I really like that the last Vice Palette was not as bulky as the previous Book of Shadows palettes. This Holiday, Urban Decay is coming back with Vice 2, which is the second year of them making Vice! The outside of the palette is kind of like a tie-dye look compared to a solid color from the first version. I found a few pictures on instagram, but these two were the best that shows the inside of the palette.

Credits to the Instagram of SephoraMX (Sephora Mexico) & fer_rosas29

From the looks of it, some of the shades seem to be new shades because of the shade names that I was able to make out from the pictures.

The few shade names I was able to get from this are:
Coal, X-Rated, Poison, Derailed, Rewind, Ambush, Betrayal, Stash, Voodoo, Habit, Strike, Dope, Radar, Prank, Smokeout, Toxic & Damaged.

It also seems that this palette, like the Vice Palette does not have much matte shades, which is a bummer because Urban Decay has had amazing matte shades that they have discontinued & it seems like half the shades are also neutral, which is like almost all their palettes now. I would love more color & mattes (maybe Vice 3? I will not give up hope!), but this looks nice enough to grab too! I heard the release for this is not until November, but the date can always change since it is not official yet & for the last few years, their Holiday sets are usually offered around mid to late September.

I have also heard that this Holiday, they may be coming back with their old beloved face palettes. Here's a few images of the face palettes Urban Decay has offered in 2010:

Image from makeupandbeautyblog.com

& the ones from 2004:

Image from londonbeautyreview.com

So far, what do you think about the Vice 2? Does it look pretty enough for you to indulge? & what do you think the return of the face palettes would be? :)


  1. Vice 2 palette?? What what! Love it! Can't wait until I see reviews on it then I'll decide :)

    1. Yup! I can't wait until reviews or when it's in stores so I can swatch! I feel the need to get it just because I have Vice 1 so I can collect it! lol

  2. I don't have the Vice palette (that I can recall LOL), but I have so many now that I am not sure if I will buy this. I don't think I have bought anything since Naked 2 launched.

    1. I'm curious to see how the face palettes would be like more! haha

  3. Fun! I'm sorry but nobody does eye shadow better than Urban Decay. I'm glad they are moving away from the bulkier packaging, too. That Book of Shadows IV with the plastic butterflies and the drawer was RIDIC. I have it but it's too big to fit comfortably anywhere near my vanity so it's tucked away under the bed and rarely sees the light of day. I should probably depot the ones I like but it seems like that would be really an un-fun task, lol! Thanks for the sneak peek, Lisa!

    1. I agree, I probably only used BOS 4 like.. two or three times because it is so inconvenient! Lets hope this is amazing! :)