Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips: Berry Soft

Swatches & Review

When NouveauCheap mentioned the new Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips a few months ago, I was on the lookout for them. About a week and a half ago, my boyfriend found them & helped me pick some up. One of the shades he picked up was Berry Soft, which is the first shade I tried out of the two he picked out. These are different from the regular line of baby lips because these are supposed to be medicated with eucalyptus, menthol, & alcohol.

The Dr. Rescue baby lips are all packaged in white with different word colorings depending on the shade, but the "Baby Lips" is not labeled right onto the tube like their regular ones because it actually peels out for ingredients. It makes it feel kind of cheap &it feels like it would be ugly if it just came off.

From the tube, the color looks like a pink berry.

For the top picture, I am wearing Berry Soft on the top lip and just regular lip balm on the bottom lip to show pigmentation. The bottom picture with Berry Soft on both my lips. The color shows up a bit & is noticeable, but is pretty sheer.

Although it looked more pink from the tube, it looks like a pink-lavender to me when swatched.

What I first noticed from the Dr. Rescue baby lips is that they do not smell sweet like the regular ones. They have a very faint minty smell, but it also smells kind of bitter, which was not nice at all. It had a slight tingly feeling & a cooling sensation, which I liked because I like it whenever I wear lip balms & they are cooling (like Carmex). However, when I tried it on, I did not like the way it sat on my lips because it just felt greasy whenever I rubbed my lips against each other. After wearing it for about an hour, it did not feel moisturizing at all. Instead of moisturizing, it felt like something on my lips that was just sitting there waiting for me to wipe it off, kind of like the feeling after eating some chow mien from Panda Express on the lips just waiting to be wiped off with a napkin. Once I wiped it off, it was fully gone. No stain left behind & no moisturizing feeling at all! I was super disappointed with this because I was hoping it would be more moisturizing than the regular ones since they are supposedly "medicated". I would not recommend these & I am thinking about having my boyfriend return the other one he purchased for me because for about $3.50, I would rather buy 2 Carmex lip balms instead of having these do nothing for my lips. Skip!

Have you tried the new Dr. Rescue Baby Lips? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Great honest review! I haven't tried these yet, but I really like the colour payoff. Too bad the formula isn't amazing :(