Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tarte Cosmetics Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence Set

Swatches & Review

Another set I purchased from Tarte Cosmetics Holiday 2013 Tarte of Giving collection is their Pure Delights LipSurgence lip set. The past two years, Tarte has released LipSurgence sets that are full-sized, but this year, they made a set with eight deluxe-sized LipSurgence's. I was hoping for one that was all matte, but since half of this set is with their matte formula, I had to get it.

The four matte shades are: Glee, Generous, Destined & Cheerful.

Generous: Orange-ish, neutral. On their website, Generous is described as a pink-nude, but to me, it seems a bit more orange when swatched. I was surprised how wearable this nude was because nude lip colors normally wash me out.
Glee: Watermelon, coral-pink. This was very pigmented & glided on smoothly.
Destined: Raspberry pink. This was also very pigmented & glided on smoothly.
Cheerful: This is a coral shade, but it also kind of leans almost bubblegum pink on me. Out of all the matte shades, this shade seemed to show up dry spots on my lips more than the other three.

The four shades of their regular lip tint formula are: Enamored, Grateful, Believe & Lovely.

Lovely: Mauve-pink. It applied smooth & even on the lips.
Enamored: Cool toned red. After applying, I felt like this looks kind of uneven on the lips compared to the others I have tried. However, this was the most pigmented of the bunch, but was still a bit see through on the lips because it is more of a tint to the lips than to cover it up.
Grateful: Nude. Like Generous from the matte shades, I felt like this was more of a orange-nude, which made it wearable for me. This was one of the least pigmented ones in the set and seems more like a MLBB shade.
Believe: This is a medium pink & like Lovely, it applied smooth & even on the lips.

Compared to a full-sized LipSurgence, these deluxe-sized ones look a bit more than half of a full-sized. A full-sized contains 0.10 oz of product & the ones in the Pure Delights set contains 0.06 oz each.

Overall, I like this set more than I thought I would. When I first received it, I initially thought "Wow, these are SO small," but after comparing them to full-sized ones, I guess it really isn't THAT small. I really like the matte formula of LipSurgence's because they are not very drying & they pack a bunch of pigment as well. I feel like it would be faster to use up the regular formula lip tints because they use more products because the product itself feels very soft, while the mattes have a bit of a harder feel on the product itself. These have a slight peppermint scent to it & it feels kind of cool once applied to the lips, but the scent fades away after a while of wearing it. I believe the colors in this set are exclusive so once it's gone, it's gone. These are so cute, they would definitely make great stocking stuffers! The Pure Delights LipSurgence set retails for $34 and can be purchased from Sephora (in-store & online), Ulta (in-store mid October & online now) &

What do you think about this LipSurgence set? Do you like the matte LipSurgence formula?


  1. I've never tried them, but now I want to!

    1. The first one I tried from them was Achiote over a year ago & I was okay with it since it was one of the luster finish ones so they are not very pigmented. This set is definitely good for the variety & matte formula shades in here :)

  2. Fantastic swatches, Lisa! I always love seeing your lip swatches!

    1. Thanks Kristen! Hope you're feeling better now! :D

  3. They all look great on you!

    I own a few lipsurgences from past holiday collections and although I do like the formula, I don't reach for them as much. Seeing this post may have inspired me to whip them out and use it whenever I have time to wear makeup again! lol.

    1. Thanks! I actually used some of the light ones from last year quite a bit whenever I don't feel like putting on some kind of lip color that I will have to reapply with a mirror throughout the day :D

  4. these are super pretty! and i actually prefer smaller sizes if i get a variety of colors like this :)

  5. Awesome review! This set looks like a great deal :)

  6. Your review and swatches definitely sold me on this set and I can't wait until it arrives in the mail! Hopefully these colors will look as lovely on me as they do on you!

  7. Thanks for the review! I don't think they're available anymore though.. :(