Sunday, August 11, 2013

Buxom Time to Shine Full-On Lip Collection

Swatches & Review

Last Holiday, Buxom came out with an exclusive Time to Shine collection, which I have reviewed here (link). About a few weeks ago, I noticed that Sephora had a new set of the Buxom Time to Shine Lip Gloss set up. At first, I thought it was similar since these sets normally does not come out until around Fall, but after looking at it, I realized this set has different colors in it.

Like the collection last Holiday, this set includes six mini lip glosses. Three of the glosses have a creamy finish, and the other three have a diamond finish. Each mini lip gloss are about half the size of full-sized Buxom lip glosses.

Kir Royale: Creamy wine red. It looks a bit dark, but when applied to the lips, it sheers out to a nice red without it being too dark.
Cherry Flip: Creamy bright red.
White Russian: Creamy nude pink.
Tiffany: Shimmery red.
Gabby: Shimmery maroon.
Amy: Shimmery beige.

Out of these six shades, one is a repeat shade from last year's Time to Shine collection, which is White Russian. I actually prefer this set more than the one I purchased before because it seems like the cream finish ones will match well with the diamond finish ones because the colors are similar, but with a different finish, such as Kir Royale & Gabby, and Cherry Flip & Tiffany.

Buxom lip glosses are my favorite because I like the tingly feeling from them, but one thing to note is that you should not put too much onto your lips because the feeling will become a bit overwhelming, and a bitter taste comes with over applying, so it is best to not use too many layers of them. This set retails for $32 and can be found at Sephora (online & in some stores).

What do you think about Buxom lip glosses? Do you have a favorite brand of lip gloss you always stock up on?


  1. These are SO pretty, but I can't tolerate the tingle! I bought the full sized version of Pink Lady and found it made my lips feel like they were freezing off. My favorite glosses are non-sticky, non-tinglers, like MAC's Cremesheen Glass, Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss, and Dior Addict glosses. I also like NARS lip glosses a lot since they don't seem to have that awful plastic scent any more!

    1. Yeah, it's not for everyone. It's either you like it or you don't, lol. I like the cooling feeling, which is why I have a bunch of these. I agree with NARS though! I am so glad there's no more smelly scent to it :)