Sunday, August 4, 2013

Milani Cosmetics Coming Up Roses Blush: Flora Passion

Swatches & Review

A few days ago, I have reviewed another blush from the same limited edition collection from Milani Cosmetics called Bella Rosa (link). Today, I will be reviewing the second shade out of the three that I have purchased, which is Flora Passion.

All of the blushes in the Coming Up Roses Powder Blush collection are shaped like a rose, which is super pretty.

Flora Passion is a pinkish-coral shade.

On the right with the black borders, the blush was applied with a brush with two swipes. The left swatch is swatched with a finger with one swipe.

If you have read my review of Bella Rosa, I was super disappointed with that one because it was impossible for it to show up with using a brush and without having to scrap the item off the pan. Flora Passion definitely applied way better than Bella Rosa, but it still is not too pigmented. Flora Passion is a pink-coral with a matte finish. With a brush, the color of the blush shows very lightly, but it is build-able because the brush is able to actually pick up the product with this. I also noticed that it kicked up quite a bit of powder when using a brush, so it is better to tap the brush before applying it.

The color of Flora Passion is very pretty, and subtle enough for everyday wear. I like this better than Bella Rosa, but I wish this was still a bit pigmented. I am very happy that this was smoother than Bella Rosa, which was very dry. If you are looking for a subtle blush for everyday wear, this would be nice, but I prefer my blushes to be a bit more pigmented. I'm not super disappointed in this like the first one I have tried, but I'm still kind of disappointed since I had high hopes for these.

The price may vary depending on location and store. I purchased this for $6.99 at Walgreens, but I have seen others and an empty display at my local CVS selling these for $9.49.


  1. That color is soooo pretty *-*
    Sadly we don't have Milani where I live :<

  2. I have been looking for such a warm peachy blush. For some reason drugstores near me do not always carry new Milani products. :( Nice review.

    1. :( maybe you can call a few stores to see if they have gotten them in?

  3. Glad this one worked out better than the last one! I think I've actually come to appreciate blushes that don't pack as much pigment. I can always add more, but it's hard to tone down a mega pigmented blush. I learned my lesson with a MAC blush that was SUPER PIGMENTED! I'd touch the brush to the pan, tap off excess, and as soon as the brush met my cheeks, it looked like 2 tickets to hooker town! LOL!

    1. Haha! I know what you mean. Sometimes, I have to tap off the blush with a wet wipe to make it look more natural because the blush was just too pigmented, haha.