Saturday, August 3, 2013

CK One Color Pure Color Lipstick: Wanted

Swatches & Review

This summer, I have been obsessed with Calvin Klein's line of lipsticks, which is their CK One cosmetics line. The first color I tried from their lipstick collection is Wanted.

CK One has revamped their packaging not too long ago and it is super cute. The lipstick looks like a pill. The top part (white) is plastic, and the bottom part (black) has a rubberized feeling to it (think NARS).

It was super hard to capture the color of this so this looks a tiny bit more red than it really is, but it is pretty similar to how it looks like in person.

Wanted applied as a bright medium pink.

The application of this was fantastic. It was super creamy, smooth & pigmented! I swipe the lipstick once and it was already enough coverage with one layer! Although I applied it when my lips were kind of dry, the dryness did not show much, which is good because most lipsticks tend to show the dry spots even more. The CK One Pure Color Lipsticks have a vanilla scent to it, which is similar to MAC Cosmetics, but I feel like the vanilla scent on these are slightly stronger than MAC lipsticks.

I found that this was very long wearing. Normally, lipsticks that are creamy and smooth does not last long on my lips because they wipe off when I eat, but this lasted through eating a meal and drinking from a water bottle. After six hours, the color is not as vibrant as it was when first applied, but the color that lasted was not bad either. It did not leave any patchy-ness of colors all over my lips, which is also a good thing. There was no feathering/bleeding when tried without a lipliner, which also surprised me because bright shades like these normally bleed without lipliners for me. This quickly became one of my favorite lipstick line and priced at $16, the quality is very nice. I really do not have anything bad to say about Wanted because it is amazing! I only wish that they were a bit easier to purchase with more shades because the only location that sells it around the area is at Ulta, and the shades are limited, but I see that they offer more shade selections in other countries.

What do you think about CK One Cosmetics line? Have you tried any of their products?


  1. I haven't tried anything from CK One, but this lipstick looks great! My problem with lip products is just that it's too much work for me because I snack and drink a lot lol. So it always fades and I don't want to fuss with reapplying. But this one looks like it went through a meal just fine! Great review!

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }

    1. Normally, I like to just apply and leave my house with the lipstick at home 'cause I don't want it to melt if I take it out so a long lasting lipstick is a must, lol.

  2. Wow! The 6 hours later shot is really impressive! I love the CK One Color lip gloss in Sugar (non-sticky, sparkly goodness) and the matte top coat is the best I've tried!

    1. That's what I thought too! I wanted to try their glosses too, but you have me sold on it & I want to get one now! haha.