Monday, December 16, 2013

Maybelline ColorSensational The Buffs: Untainted Spice (950)

Swatches & Review

Hi Everyone! It's been a while, but I just submitted my last final for the Fall semester so I will be back blogging during my break & I definitely have a lot to catch up on! Anyway, one of the newest lip collections out are the new Maybelline ColorSensational The Buff's lipsticks. These lipsticks are supposed to be part of the new lipstick collection for 2014 and it contains 10 brand-new, neutral/nude shades.

The Buffs lipstick line is packaged with a soft looking beige cap. I actually really like this tube compared to the orange from the Vivids because it is very soft-looking and just nice.. to me at least!
Untainted Spice looks kind of like a pink-ish medium brown. (It should a bit browner, but it showed up like this in most of the pictures. It looks like this when it is under a light indoors, but a bit browner when outdoors)

All of the pictures were taken outdoor except the lower right picture, which was taken indoor.

When I am outdoors, you can see that the lipstick is like a pink-brown, but once I am indoors, it looks darker and just a medium-brown. Untainted Spice is creamy with no shimmer, so it was not drying for the first three hours. It applied evenly and it was pretty pigmented. Because it is creamy, is does transfer, but it did not feather or bleed within the time that I tried it. It is a bit on the darker side so if your skin-tone is fair or light, this may actually look very dark on you instead of a "neutral". The scent of these are like the usual Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick scent, which is a bit sweet.

Overall, I like how there is a wide range of neutral shades so that many people would be able to find one that will work for them instead of washing them out. Like all other Maybelline lipsticks, I wish there was a safety seal on them because it has nothing, so people can easily just open these and test them without buying them, which makes it frustrating for those who do want to buy them.

I purchased mine at Rite Aid, and they retail for $9.49 at Rite Aid locations near me. The prices may vary depending on location, where it may be cheaper at Target & Walmart, but around the same price I paid for at CVS & Walgreens.

What do you think about Untainted Spice? Have you seen colors from The Buffs collection that you are interested in?


  1. Hey Lisa. This shade really suits you and makes you look really classy. It actually looks vibrant on you whereas browns sometimes dull down certain skintones. :) I have been searching for these for a week now, but haven't spotted them where I live. :( I managed to find new liquid lip colors from L'Oreal. I'll be posting a review up soon. Anyways, thanks for your helpful review. I really wanted to see swatches of these buff lippies.

    1. Hi Meesha!

      I hope you find these soon since they are permanent, so even though I found them at Rite Aid other locations such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart & Target should get them in soon! I know some locations are waiting until after Christmas because they do not have room for it since the Christmas promotional items are taking up the space. I love that these have a wide range of "nudes" so I hope you can find what you're looking for! :)