Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zoya Naturel Collection

Swatches & Review

For their Winter collection, Zoya has released six rose tone neutral shades called the Naturel collection. In the past, Zoya has released neutral collections, such as the Feel collection & the Touch nude collection.

The Naturel collection consists of six creme shades.
From left to right, the shades are: Chantal, Taylor, Rue, Brigitte, Odette & Normani.

Chantal: French vanilla creme. This was very thin and watery, which applied sheer and streaky. You have to wait for the first layer to completely dry before adding on the second layer because will drag and create bald spots on the nails. I used three coats for Chantal.

Taylor: Light beige nude creme. Like Chantal, this was very watery, however, this applied better than Chantal. I used two coats for Taylor.

Rue: Light mauve creme. The formula on this was perfect. It was applied smoothly & evenly. I used two coats for Rue.

Brigitte: Mauve creme. This feels like a darker version of Rue. This also applied very nicely. I used two coats for Brigitte.

Odette: Dusty purple creme. This was very pigmented & applied evenly. I used two coats for the swatches.

Normani: Although Zoya describes this as a taupe, I feel like this is more of a dusty taupe. This was also very pigmented & applied nicely.

Although the darker shades in this collection do not seem very "naturel", it really does fit with the theme because they are very soft looking on the nails. Chantal & Taylor were harder to apply, but the rest of the collection applied very nicely. The dry time is a bit long, which is similar to other Zoya's, but I feel that Rue actually dried a bit fast on me compared to the rest. My favorites in the collection is Rue and Brigitte.

This collection is available now and it retails for $9 a bottle on Zoya.com(Non-affilicated).

What do you think about the Naturel collection? Have you purchased any shades from this collection? :)

**The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion/review. I was not paid nor compensated for the review.


  1. Odette is so pretty! Hopefully I can finish up the form that Zoya sent me D;

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    1. I really like how Odette looks very soft for a darker shade. You should do it soon! haha.