Friday, March 15, 2013

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter: Sorbet

Swatches & Review

When I first heard of the new shades from Revlon's Lip Butter line from Nouveau Cheap's blog, I had to find them. It has been over a month and I have finally found them. I have been stalking Target locations for these & yesterday, I found them as they were putting up the new displays. I grabbed Sorbet & Wild Watermelon from the display & they were purchased by my boyfriend so that I can review them.

Like all of Revlon's Lip Butter, they have a quilted cap & the cap is the color of what the shade is supposed to be.

In the tube, it looks like a bright pink.

When swatched, the color is like a sheer bright pink. For my lips, I used one swipe & it shows a bit bright already.
For the first lip picture, I took it in direct sunlight. The other two were taken indoor, with the middle one being in front of the window, inside the car.

Previous lip butters I have owned were very pigmented, but this was not as pigmented when compared to Raspberry Pie, however, it is still a very nice shade. I felt like the formula for these were a bit different because these feel a lot more moisturizing than the older lip butter shades that I owned. I also noticed that there was a slight sweet scent to these, while my older lip butters do not. After a few hours of wear, it starts to wear off & leaves a slight stain, which is pretty nice.

My boyfriend purchased this at Target for $6.49 & these were found on the permanent display.


  1. That is a great color on you!! I love Lip Butters.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Yes! I recently purchased 2 Lip Butters and fell in love with their super moisturizing-ness! I've had 3 before when they first came out and I know the newer ones are more hydrating! I think this color looks fab on you! I follow you on instagram and I thought it was high time I left you some comment love on your actual blog! Love your pictures, btw! :)

    1. I was quite surprised to find out how much moisturizing these were compared to the ones I bought over a year ago & thanks! :D

  3. I LOVE THE LIP BUTTERS. I was curious about the hype..turns out i love it too
    new blogger some<3