Sunday, March 24, 2013

MAC Fashion Sets 2013


After seeing promo images for MAC Cosmetics 2013 Fashion Sets, I have debating on which lipstick colors to get since they are colors that I have been into lately. Normally, I swatch them a week before they come out because my local MAC Pro location has them out for display before the release date. I went by today since I was about a mile away & to my surprise, they just got these in for display yesterday! Since it was there, of course I had to swatch them all!

This collection consists of four colors. Each of the color has a matching lipstick, lipglass, lipliner, nail polish and eyeshadow. The location had all of the items except the eyeshadows.

I have taken pictures of these in different lighting. The top row is when I was inside the store, the middle row was when I was outside in direct sunlight, and the last one was when I was inside the car with direct sunlight.

Originally, I planned on buying all four, but after swatching it, I feel like the one I want the most is Heroine. All of the lipsticks have a matte finish. Ablaze is similar to Maybelline's Vibrant Mandarin, but they have different finishes. Embrace Me is similar to Daddy's Little Girl and Maybelline's Hot Plum, but with different finishes as well.

In person, Embrace Me looked very similar to Candy Yum Yum, but after swatching & comparing it, Candy Yum Yum is lighter and brighter than Embrace Me.

Since these colors were bright and very pigmented, they left a bit of a stain behind.

Out of all the shades, I tried on Embrace Me on my lips. I like it, but I definitely do not need it. My hair looks very brown here, but I think it's because the sun is directly shining on it! I would LOVE to dye my hair into a color similar to that, but I don't think I want to get rid of my virgin hair :P

What do you think about the lip colors in this collection? Is there any that you are thinking about picking up?

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  1. woow I'm in love. I would agree with you on embrace me since those were my same thoughts when I saw it. I think I'm going to double up on heroine lipstick, I'll get the gloss and the pencil.I'm debating on Ablaze but I may do that and def the lipglass for Silly..but looks similar to snob in those pics...hmm