Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection

Swatches & Review

Zoya's Gloss collection is part of their fall collection. Their fall collection consists of three parts, and this is one of them. Although this collection only consists of three nail colors, the other two each has six in them, for a total of 15 nail polishes in the collection overall. The Gloss collection is the collection where the finishes of the polishes are a jelly-like texture, which is comes out sheer. Although the color in the bottle looks dark, it is definitely a lot lighter on the nail.
Zoya Katherine is described to be a sheer aubergine jelly gloss, which is basically like a burgundy color. This color is also a color that was originally designed for Peter Som. In the bottle, it just seemed like a very dark color, but the since it is expected for this to be sheer, the first layer seemed berry-like to me. My swatches show 3 coats of the polish.
Here, I layered on Nubar's White Polka dot on my ring finger and I put another coat of Katherine over it to show you how sheer one coat of the polish itself is. You can definitely see the white glitter under it, which now looks like a reddish-brown glitter instead.
Zoya Frida is described to be a sheer teal blue jelly gloss, but to me, it seems more like a pine green color because it definitely leans more to the green side than blue. I also used 3 coats pictured on my nails for Frida.
Zoya Paloma is described to be a sheer berry red jelly, which is basically the color it is described as, although it leans a bit more on the pink side, like raspberries, since they're more of a dark, bright pink instead of red. This was also three coats. I think out of the other two, I like this one the most, although this one was the only one that stained on me when I was removing it.

Overall, I like these shades more than I thought I would. I do not own too much jelly-finish polishes, but these look like they will be nice to use for layering. The first two coats for all of the polishes look like they were uneven & patchy, so for my third layer, I gave it a thick-generous coat to even it out. Since I used a thick coat, it ended up taking a long time to dry, which was the down-side to it. These have a very glossy finish, and I did not use any top coats for the swatches.
What do you think of jelly-finish polishes? Like it? Don't like it?

*The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion/review. I was not paid nor compensated for the review.

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