Friday, July 27, 2012

Tarte Charisma Blush

Today, I went into JCPenney's Sephora because I like to browse some of their items considering some are made exclusive for JCPenney Sephora's. Once I went in, I noticed they had two new Tarte sets with a sign "Exclusive to JCPenney" on it. Out of the two I saw, one caught my eye. It did not have a collection or set name, like the previous Achiote Set did, but it was a good value to me. Tarte is known for their amazing values on products anyway, so I was tempted to get it. I ended up not getting it because I felt like the color was somewhat similar to the Achiote blush color, but with a lot of glitter. However, I was able to swatch it.

Thus set contains three full-sized products and retails for $28. One of the product in there is a full-sized blush in Charisma. The only time I have heard of this blush was from a previous QVC set so this probably is not a permanent color. The other two products are both lip stain/gloss. They are double ended, where once side is a stain, and the other is a gloss. I did not swatch those, but the colors were nude and pink and they retail for $21 each.

You can click on it to enlarge. When the image is enlarged, you can see the glitter better.

Left: Achiote Right: Charisma
Since this reminded me of the blush from the Achiote set, I decided to compare it. The color looks very similar, but the finish of Charisma is definitely glittery, while Achiote is not. Charisma is also a bit darker shade of pink, but it comes very close.

If you are interested, I think $28 is a good value because their blush retails for $25 itself, so if you add on an additional $3, you get two lipstains/lipgloss. For me, I feel like this color is too glittery for me, so if you don't mind the glitter and you like the price, you should get it! The color is very pretty & again, this is an amazing deal. What do you think about this set? Would you get it?

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