Saturday, July 14, 2012

NARS Joie De Vivre vs Danmari

Since I have both the cheek palettes released by NARS with the same design and everything, I decided to do a comparison of them. Both the palettes contain one bronzer, one highlighter, and four blushes.
In the Danmari, the colors included are: Hungry Heart Duo II, Casino, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Desire, & Sin.
In Joie de Vivre, the colors included are: Albatross, Laguna, Gaiety, Orgasm, Luster, & Angelika.
From the packaging, Danmari has the bulkier packaging, where the lid of the box comes off, while Joie de Vivre is a slimmer box with openings on the side for the palette to slide out.

Click image to enlarge
Left to Right: Sin, Desire, Super Orgasm, Orgasm, Casino, & Hungry Heart (it's there, but barely visible)
Left to right: Angelika, Luster, Orgasm, Gaiety, Laguna

In the comparison picture of the palettes, it seems like Angelika and Desire are similar, but not the same. However, they are very similar when swatched. The main difference between Desire & Angelika is that Desire is matte, and Angelika is glittery. Other than that, the colors for both to palettes are quite similar with the exception of Sin & Luster. Sin is a berry-colored blush in the Danmari, and Luster is a peachy-colored blush in Joie de Vivre. I think because Sin is more appropriate for Winter, and Luster is more appropriate for Summer. When I compare the bronzers, I definitely like Laguna better. Although Laguna was kind of patchy, Casino lacked pigmentation from the Danmari palette. From both to palettes, I also noticed that Orgasm felt different in both of the palettes. To me, Orgasm was a lot less smooth in the Danmari than it was in Joie de Vivre. It took a few swipes more for Orgasm from the Danmari to show up for me than it did from Joie de Vivre.

Overall, I feel like both palettes are nice, but if I were to choose, I would choose Joie de Vivre because I feel like it has a better combination than the Danmari because the Danmari included both Orgasm & Super Orgasm, which I felt was totally not needed at all.


  1. I have been really interested in both of these, and from your awesome swatches I would have to agree on choosing Joie de Vivre. Both Orgasms look terrible on my skin. Great review!

  2. I accidently ordered Joie De Vivre instead of Danmari, after reading your post I'm so happy that I did. I don't see why I would want two Orgasm blushes, and I wanted Laguna as a bronzer. So thank you for putting my mind at ease.