Saturday, July 21, 2012

China Glaze New Bohemian Over Black

Here they are layered over black. L to R: Deviantly Daring, Unpredictable, No Plain Jane, Want My Bawdy.

After layering it over black, I think the one with the best duo-chrome finish is No Plain Jane. Other than that, Unpredictable also has a nice duo-chrome finish. Deviantly Daring & Want My Bawdy does not really seem duo-chrome at all. Maybe this is not the best swatches of it since I never actually tried to swatch duo-chromes, but I tried.


  1. You are great for getting the swatches done over black and posting so quickly, it's much more than many others can do and it's great to get a look at these super-hyped colors.

  2. I think they look a lot more vibrant over black. Beautiful! May I ask where you bought these? I just asked at my local Sally Beauty Supply and the manager hadn't even heard of the new collection (they never know what's going on at that store & it's very frustrating!).

    1. I got these at a local nail supply store. I heard some Sally's already has it in the back & if you ask the right person, they will bring it up for you. If not, it releases next week! :)

    2. Thanks! The people at my local Sally's are consistently clueless. :-p