Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zoya; Zuza

Swatches & Review

Zoya Zuza is from Zoya's 2012 summer collection, Surf. There are two parts to Zoya's summer collection, which is Beach and Surf. Surf is the collection where it consists of metallic finishes. Zuza is a bright turquoise color on the nail and with the finish, it looks amazing in person. Since it is metallic, it basically looks kind of like silver shimmer as a finish, which is not bad at all. For my ring finger, I used Zoya's Wednesday, which is also from their summer collection Beach. Wednesday's color is similar to Zuza, but it has a creme finish. Although I think Zuza is very pretty, the removal for this was a let down. Before applying Zuza, I used two coats of base coat and it still stained my nails! It not only stained my nails, but it stained the surrounding skin of my nails. However, I had no problem removing Wednesday at all.

Overall, I really like both of these colors. Out of all of their summer colors, I found these two to be my favorites. Even though there are staining issues with Zuza, I personally would still wear it just because it is such an awesome color! Application on these were easy, and it only requires two coats. Basically, it was smooth and easy, which is a total plus! Have you gotten any colors from Zoya's summer collection?


  1. Someone else commented on staining from Zuza, but I didn't experience it, personally. Maybe it depends on the basecoat or body chemistry?

    I own Zuza and think its the best color by far from the Beach and Surf collection, but have found myself trying and liking a lot of the colors in the collection. They're so bright and fun without being neon, a great set of colors for summer. :)

    1. Maybe? I heard some people had staining as well, but I have heard some people did not have staining. lol. It sucks that it stained for me though :( I agree that Zuza is the beat color from their collection! I don't have all their colors from the collection, but from the ones I purchased, Zuza is at the top! Minus the stain. haha.