Saturday, June 9, 2012

Layla Mermaid Spell

Swatches & Review

So today, I decided to also do a review on Mermaid Spell from Layla's Hologram Effect collection. I have previously reviewed two others ones I owned & I have not tried Mermaid Spell before. Recently, I also purchased Layla's file for their Hologram polish at Ulta, which is $2.75, compared to Aveyou, which sells it for $5.50! Anyway, here's a picture of it with two coats with comparisons.
Each has two coats.
Middle Finger: No base coat, no file. Ring Finger: Base Coat applied. Pinky: Layla's File used.
As you can see from the picture above, it actually does look best, shinier & has more coverage when Layla's Base File is used. The finger with top coat used looks terrible & I applied to nail polish after the top coat was completely dried! For the finger that I did not use either, you can see that there are imperfections of the nail that are shown visibly.
This is with four coats of nail polish:

As you can see, four coats covers most of it, but there is still some balding

In the end, I finished it off with five coats. Like my last posts for the Layla, it kind of sucks that it requires so many coats considering the bottle is small. After finishing up all my fingers from my Coral Glam with so many coats required, I was only left with about a little less than half a bottle left and a bottle itself coats $15.50, which costs way more than what China Glaze & OPI used to price their holographic finish polishes. You can also tell that when the Layla Base File is used, the effect looks smoother and a bit shinier.

Overall, I like this color, but not enough that I would buy it again especially with the amount of coats it requires. I guess a good thing about this is that it dries extremely fast and the holographic finish is strong. However, I feel like Mermaid Spell's finishing effect is not as strong as Coral Glam or Retro Pink, but it is still a strong, smoother linear holo.

What are your thoughts on Layla's Hologram Effect? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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