Saturday, November 19, 2011

Color Club; Worth the Risque

Swatches and Review
In direct sunlight

In direct sunlight

In the shade

This is Worth the Risque from Color Club. I used Rainbow Connection from OPI on my ring finger as an accent. I absolutely love Worth the Risque. It is a silver holographic polish & it is affordable too! The nail polish itself was kind of thick, but it wasn't hard to work with & it dried fast. I have 3 coats of Worth the Risque on.
Rainbow Connection is from OPI's holiday Muppet's collection. I love how there are so many different colored glitters in here! I always wanted Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, but I never wanted to spend so much on it so I'm happy I was able to get Rainbow Connection at a much cheaper price! It actually took me a while to get it because everywhere I went to was sold out of it. I was actually thinking of buying a second bottle, but I ended up not doing so since I don't think I will end up using the whole bottle anyway. The removal was hard, but that is a given since this is a glitter. I used to foil method, but some of the glitter were still there & it was stuck on like super glue! I had to peel it off and I used Worth the Risque under it as well as a base coat. Other than a removal, it is an amazing rainbow glitter polish!

Own it? Love it or not?

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