Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Philosophy at Big Lots

Since I heard news about Philosophy being at Big Lots, I have been trying to find them for the past week. Little did I know, the two closet Big Lots to me closed down! I did not find out until I arrived & it said a "for sale" sign on the building :( Anyway, I went to a few away from where I lived and the first few I went to last week did not have any. One of the ones I went to last week only had three items left. I went home and looked them up and I was pretty pissed off people were already selling a bunch of them on eBay for $13+, but oh well, it happens to every deal. I decided to go check out another one today since my boyfriend was giving me a ride (because I do not have a car) and I spotted a TON of them! I was surprised. All their items are $3 each, so if you have a big lots near you, call first & then check it out! Here are the pictures I was able to get of it.

Anyway, have any of you been able to get anything from Big Lots from the brand? Let me know! :)
*Pictures are mine, please do not use.


  1. Wow you got a lot!! I can't believe people are selling them on Ebay already, not fair but I guess some people need to hustle!

    1. I actually didn't buy that much, lol! This is a picture from all the products I found at the store :)

  2. WoW! Big Lots up the street! I need to go look!

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I asked the manager & he handed me two boxes to go over because they just got them two days ago and just finished labeling them. They haven't gotten to putting them on display yet!