Saturday, May 19, 2012

NYC Blushable Creme Stick: Berry New Yorker

Swatches & Review

So yesterday, I decided to drop by Dollar Tree since I heard about NYC's Blushable Creme Sticks being there. Since I have been wanting to try and it has been discontinued, I decided to just drop by and picked up three in Berry New Yorker, Big Apple Blush & South St. Seashell. I have not tried them all yet, but I just tried Berry New Yorker this morning.
Berry New Yorker is a berry-brown-ish color with subtle shimmer in it. When I read reviews for this, many people stated that this was a matte color. When I blended it out, I noticed a bit of shimmer so I was kind of surprised. It is not noticeable, which is good because I am not too big on shimmery blushes. Usually when I use cream blushes, they feel really creamy and sometimes oily, but when I tried to blend this blush out, it blended out smoothly and did not feel super creamy at all. It dried fast after putting it on, but it was still blend-able after a few minutes of it on. When I blended it, it actually felt a bit like powder, which is not bad! I have worn it since this morning on my cheeks and I still see it on my cheeks. It is not as intense as when I first put it on, but it is still lasting me! :)
Overall, I really like this. When I blended the color out, it looked really natural on my cheeks. I think a little goes a long way because just one swipe on your cheeks already gives a lot of product. It's even better that it was only $1! If you are thinking about getting it, I recommend you try to get it soon from your local Dollar Tree because they might not be around for any longer! Anyway, have you guys tried this? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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