Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sleek; Pumpkin Blush Palette

Swatches & Review
This is the Pumpkin Blush palette from Sleek's Blush by 3 line. It was limited edition for spring sold at Superdrug stores in the UK, but from what I know now, it will remain as a permanent item on SleekMakeUP's website. I have never owned anything from Sleek MakeUP prior to purchasing these blushes so I was pretty excited. As stated in my previous post, I have purchased three blush by 3 palettes. Unfortunately, I have no received my blush palette in LACE and no one is getting back to me from Sleek.
The Pumpkin palette consists of a red, a pink, and a orange color blush. Lantern is a red blush with gold shimmer to it. The shimmer is subtle on the cheeks and it does not look like it is filled with chunky amounts of glitter when applied. Squash is a matte pink blush. The pink is bright, but not a hot pink bright. When it is applied with a lighthand, it can look pretty neutral on the cheeks. P Pie is a matte orange. This color took me by surprise because I thought that this color would be the color I would use the least. However, I have been using P Pie all week! When applied with a lighthand, the color gives my cheeks a sunkissed glow and it seems very flattering on my skintone. Although it looks super bright in the pan, it is not very intense on the skin (unless you want it to be intense, then don't apply it with a lighthand).
Lantern, Squash, P Pie

Overall, I really like these blushes. They are really pigmented and they blend out easily. I was really impressed with how pigmented these are and they definitely live up to my expectations considering a lot of people rave about these. I purchased these online from their website and they are $15.99 each. Shipping was $10 for me to have it shipped to California, which is pretty pricey, but the shipping price stays the same regardless of how much you order (I ordered three and shipping stayed the same), so I guess if you want to order, you should make a group order or consider ordering a lot. Each blush contains about .23oz, making it a total of 0.68oz, which is definitely a good deal considering a NARS blush alone is 0.16oz for $28. The only downside is their customer service. Since I was missing a blush, I e-mailed them and I am still waiting for a response (it has been about a week and a half), but I was okay with it considering that it was a bank holiday(?) for them last weekend. However, I have tried to ask them via twitter and they have not responded to it as well, while the retweet other people positive feedback for them?... Other than their customer service, I highly recommend this palette. Oh, and watch out when opening the palette because if you place your hand on the back while opening it, it WILL pinch and it WILL hurt a lot. I have learned my lesson and I now open the palette with something else below it. What do you think? Own it? Love it?


  1. Those shades are so pretty! I have been wanting to try these blush palettes.

    1. I heard the Muse (musingsofamuse) is trying to work out a deal for us US customers for them to give 50% off shipping or something! :D

  2. These colors are divine! I've been interested in trying their blush palettes, so I think I might have to pick this one up in the future. I'm glad to hear that these aren't super intense--I'm super pasty and fair-skinned, and I have this crazy love for bright blushes.