Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BA Star Tropical Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches & Review

For this month, BrandBacker has partnered with BA Star once again for their Summer Tropical Palette and I was sent the BA Star Tropical Palette and an eyeshadow primer for free to review as part of the campaign. Unlike the Midnight Smoky Eye palette that I have previously reviewed, this palette is filled with fun, bright summer colors!

The packaging for this is the same as the Midnight Smoky palette, which is plastic with five pans for eyeshadows.

Like how to reviewed the Midnight Smoky palette, the top part has no primer, and the bottom half has primer, which is more noticeable with the purple shade because at the half, the color payoff is a bit more intense than the top part.
I will go from left to right because there are not names to each shade:
1) Lime green with a metallic finish. I used two swipes in swatches because it applies sheer, but a primer helps intensify it a bit. I also found it a bit powdery.
2) Bright metallic blue. I used two swipes, but it isn’t as sheer as the green.
3) Metallic purple. I used four swipes because this applied very sheer.
4) Bright pink. This seems more of a satin since it isn’t as metallic, but it’s not matte either. This was very powdery, but pigmented. I used two swipes for this.
5) Metallic silver. This is also sheer, but would be nice to use over the other colors for more of a pop of metallic.

I found that most the shades applied sheer except the blue and the pink, which were very pigmented. However, the pink was a bit chalky and very powdery. All the shades are build able, and I feel like using a white base would make the colors pop more. The primer helped a bit, but it did not really make too much of a difference and it feels heavy on the skin, which is why I probably would not prefer using this primer. However, I recommend using a primer (any kind you prefer) because without it, the eyeshadows will stain your skin. Although the shades do apply sheer, I actually like this palette because it is perfect for summer and the shadows do stay on for a while without rubbing off easily.

From now until July 4, 2014, you can purchase this palette for 50% off with the code 50TROPIC if you are interested in buying this product.

This palette retails for $8.75 and can be purchased at www.bastar.com.

*Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion/review from the brand via BrandBacker. I was not paid for this review & all opinions are my own.

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  1. Pretty shades but I don't know if I would purchase a palette like this-thanks for the in depth review!
    A Thing of Beauty