Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie BB Cream: Medium/Deep

Swatches & Review

Since I thought Wet n Wild's Coverall Foundation was a decent drugstore foundation that is super cheap, I decided to try their new BB Cream from the Fergie line. Unlike other BB Creams offered in the US, there are five shades in this line so I was able to find one that would fit my skintone better. I purchased this in Medium/Deep & I am NC 30 - NC 35 in MAC and 123 in MUFE foundations. This is supposed to be a 8 in 1 product, which is supposed to hydrate, brighten, prime, conceal, smooth, oil-control, even tone & have SPF 15.

The packaging of the BB Cream is similar to Wet n Wild's Coverall Foundation, and contains 1 fl. oz. of product.

The tube that dispenses the product is smaller when compared to the Coverall foundation, however, they are not sealed like the foundation is.

You can see that the opening for the BB Cream is smaller than the foundation so it is easier to control the amount of product that comes out.

With my bare face, you can see my uneven skintone because my forehead is darker than the rest of my face and I have uneven rosy cheeks. After applying the BB Cream, it evened out my skintone. The coverage for the BB Cream is light to medium.

Okay so I would like to say that this product smells terrible. The scent was not too strong when I smelled it from the tube and when I smelled it from the product I placed on my hand because it just smelled like foundation, but once applied to my face, the odor was strong and pretty much stayed on my face the whole time I had the product on.

Compared to BB Creams I have tried from Korean brands, this feels more like a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream, and I'm not surprised since most brands that have "BB Creams" are more like tinted moisturizers. The BB Creams I have (Etude House, Missha, Lioele) all have an SPF of 30 and over and this is only 15. This felt light on the face and the consistency was thin, whereas BB Creams are lightweight, but thick and creamy. Although this "BB Cream" claims to have oil-control, I was pretty shiny after applying this and even after using powder, I quickly became oily again so I would say that there is no oil-control on this at all, and the skin area around my lips dried and were flaky after wearing this, which is weird because this does not usually happen to me and this claimed to be hydrating, which it is also not, so wearing this made my skin greasy and dry at the same time? Sorry Wet n Wild, but I do not like this "BB Cream". I would rather stick to using the Coverall Foundation because it is cheaper, does not have a super strong odor, and it has a bit more coverage. The Wet n Wild Fergie BB Cream retails for $5.62 and can be purchased at Walmart locations that carry Wet n Wild.

What do you think about BB Creams? Have you tried one you really liked?


  1. Oh the smell would be a deal breaker for me. Anything with a strong scent like that is highly likely to break me out.

    1. After removing this, I noticed my face was a bit more red and irritated, but I didn't break out. I heard others breaking out from this too, which is too bad because I wanted to like this because it did not look very cakey on.

  2. You seem to be similar in complexion to me. Could you please tell me what shade you wear in the other bb creams you mentioned and what color you wear in the wet n wild foundation? Thanks very much and BTW your review was quite helpful! Which of the bb creams would you recommend most?

    1. Hi Tara! Normally I have a hard time finding matches with BB Creams because I am darker than shades they offer. In Wet n Wild's foundation, I am medium during the winter season & medium deep in the sunnier seasons. If it helps, I am normally a NC 30 - 35 in MAC foundations.