Saturday, August 4, 2012

China Glaze; Flirty Tankini

Swatches & Review
Flirty Tankini is from China Glaze's Summer 2012 Neon's collection. I have purchased this around the beginning of summer, but I never had to chance to try it and since it is almost the end of summer, I decided to try it on. Flirty Tankini is a soft shimmery pink-coral. It kind of reminds me of Patrick Star, just a bit.
The application for Flirty Tankini was good. It was kind of thick, but easy to work with. It only required one coat, but I used two for the swatches. For the accent, I used Orly's Glowstick, which is from their summer collection. Glowstick is a a lot brighter in person, I love it! Since they are both neons, they both dried to a semi-matte finish. It was not a full-on matte finish, but it was not very glossy either.
Overall, I like how easy it was to apply Flirty Tankini and I like the color, but Flirty Tankini stained! Even though I used two coats of base coat and waited until it was completely dry, Flirty Tankini stained my nails into a bright pink, which was very unflattering. Orly's Glowstick did not stain my nails at all, which was surprising since it was a yellow, I kind of expected it to stain. Glowstick required four coats for me because it was on the sheer side, but taking it off was easier than Flirty Tankini was as well. Although I like Flirty Tankini, I do not like the staining, which may keep me from wearing it as much. I kind of wish I used Glowstick for the rest of my fingers and Flirty Tankini as an accent, but now, I know that I should probably use another color under Firty Tankini to try to prevent it from staining.

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