Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mixing Lip Tars


Since I was done with trying all of my Lip Tars, I decided to mix one of them to use to see how it would turn out. The two lip tars I mixed were NSFW and Interlace.
I have a lot of plastic tops saved from dog food, Pringles, and whatever comes with plastic lids because I use them to mix nail art paint as well, so I just used one of those for the lip tars since it will wipe off easily.
Before mixing, I put one small dot of NSFW on the lid and then I put two dots on Interlace since I wanted the NSFW to be lighter than it usually is. After mixing, it came out to be a berry color, which looks kind of like a berry lavender? It's pink-ish with a bit of purple to it, which looked kind of nice since I do not have anything like this in my lip stash. It ended up not looking like any of the original shades anymore, but I thought it was quite fun so I'm excited to mix more! Although NSFW itself does not stay on me for long & gets patchy pretty quickly, this combination of these two lasted on my lips for a good 6 hours! It did fade a bit throughout the day, but the stain stayed on my lips and did not get patchy at all, which was very surprising. I'm definitely excited to mix more of my Lip Tars!

What do you think of this combination of Interlace and NSFW? Do you have any combinations you like to mix with for your Lip Tars? :)


  1. this is exactly what i am looking forward to after someone gets me these lip tars for christmas! haha :)

    1. Yes! Mixing is a lot more exciting than I thought since I did not know what shade the color would come out like!

  2. Love how it looks! I almost never see Lip Tar mixing posts on blogs! xx